THEN: Sitting near the track in Dumont, CO from 1902-1955

NOW: The Depot's current location Dumont, CO

1902 Dumont Depot

The 120-year-old Depot, that we are calling the “Dumont Depot”, currently resides in Dumont, Colorado. It has been used as a storage area for a local rafting company. They want to build a new storage unit so wanted the Depot to find a new home.

It makes sense for our Moffat Road Railroad Museum to acquire the Depot for several reasons:

  • When Colorado & Southern Railroad went into bankruptcy, the bank named David Halliday Moffat as the receiver of the railroad. In owning the railroad, he also owned the Depot.
  • Our museum needs a Family Train Ride Ticket Window, more exhibit display space, and a Community Event Center! This event center will serve as an affordable venue to accommodate small weddings, business meetings, birthday parties, etc.
  • We are saving a unique piece of Colorado railroad history.

Our plan for 2023 is to move the Depot on September 19 & 20. (See button below for press release.) In order to make that happen, we’ve raised the following: $20,000 for us to build a foundation to set the building on, $50,000 to transport the building and its roof to our museum, and $15,000 for crane operation. Then the roof will need to be reattached  to protect the building from the winter weather. The foundation has been completed. 

In 2024, we plan to start restoration of the Depot and building an addition to have restrooms and a kitchen.  We will need to raise approximately $125,000 more for the completion of the project.

Watch on 9 News (KUSA) Denver’s Morning Show the segment about moving the Dumont Depot to our museum later this summer. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dumont Depot Fundraiser - help us move and restore this 120-year-old train depot
Buy A Tie depot fundraiser

Save the Depot Fundraiser!

Won’t you donate to the Dumont Depot Fundraiser?

Help us move and restore the 120-year-old train depot that will become our Family Train Ride Ticket Window and Community Event Center at our Museum.

Donate online through PayPal or mail in a check. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to donate online. All major credit cards accepted. All donors will receive a donation receipt for tax records, so be sure to include your current Mailing Address while on the donation form in PayPal.

For questions, please call Executive Director, Dave Naples, at 970-281-9094.

Depot + Family Train Ride Buy a Tie Campaign

“Buy a Tie” for $100 or buy a bunch of Ties and own a piece of the Family Train Ride & Moffat Road Railroad Museum. You can “Buy a Tie” that will have your family name or organization engraved on a brass plaque that will be mounted to a railroad tie on the new Family Train Ride track! Your family or business will be remembered as a supporter of the museum forever, and it will be fun to show your family and friends on your future visits! When the ties are all spoken for is when the “Depot + Family Train Ride Buy a Tie Campaign” will come to a close.

Dumont Depot Current Photos


Dumont Depot
Dumont Depot
Dumont Depot
Dumont Depot
Dumont Depot
Dumont Depot

The Depot is all prepped for the move to Granby scheduled to take place the week of September 18:

Dumont Depot
Dumont Depot

 Depot Expansion Concept

Depot Expansion Concept

Our Placement Plan for the Depot

Family Train Ride

Coming Soon! Our train, that can accommodate both children and adults, is currently being custom built. We hope to have it up and running in 2023! Tickets will be available for purchase inside the Visitor Center for $4 per person. 

Stay tuned for more info about the new family train ride!

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