THEN: The Railroad Shed Arrived May 2011

THEN: The Shed is Set at the Museum

NOW: 1915 Railroad Shed

NOW: 1915 Railroad Shed

1915 Railroad Shed

On May 6th, 2011, the Moffat Road Railroad Museum received the 1915 Railroad Shed as their second piece of railroad equipment for the Railroad Interpretive Center. The building is 23′ long, 12′ wide and about 16′ tall. Originally built by the Denver and Salt Lake Railroad around 1915, this railroad shed was in the yard at Hot Sulphur Springs before relocating it to the Museum.

The shed was donated to the museum by Grand Mountain Bank – many thanks to Frank Delay. Paul MacDonald of Sky Crane helped with the delicate move and placement into the Interpretive Center.

Restoration Projects

If you would like to volunteer your time and/or donate to the projects, we would be very grateful. To allocate your donation to restoration projects, please mention “restoration projects” in the optional ‘Write a note’ section in the donation form.

Its Journey Here

From the railroad yard at Hot Sulphur Springs, it moved in 1963 up to town, where it was used as a meat locker for Mr. Hite, the local butcher. Then it was used as a garage and storage for the Title Company and the Wedding Chapel owned by Joyce Ackerson. On the verge of being demolished, Dave Naples, Jack Bakken, and Frank Delay of Grand Mountain Bank worked their magic to save the building for its historical value.

Even during an all-day snowstorm, Dave Naples and his helpers Hardy Stafford, Jim McKinney, Dale Reed, Carol Hunter, Hunter LaRue, Don Dailey, Paul MacDonald and Steve, his assistant, and several of the Hot Sulphur Springs town folk, worked all day to get the historic hand-cart shed loaded onto the trailer to relocate it to Granby.

The museum will use the shed as a work space to help in the restoration of the projects in the Interpretive Center. Eventually it will be on permanent display as a 1915 era railroad building complete with tools of that era.

In the News

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Family Train Ride

Coming Soon! Our train, that can accommodate both children and adults, is currently being custom built. We hope to have it up and running in 2023! Tickets will be available for purchase inside the Visitor Center for $4 per person. 

Stay tuned for more info about the new family train ride!

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