The Visitor Center

Visitor Center

The historic Heritage Square Wedding Chapel, built by Magic Mountain construction team from Disney back in 1956, is now our Museum’s Visitor Center & Gift Shop. We have fully restored the building and added a copper bell tower.

The Visitor Center includes a gift shop (complete with Lionel and BRIO train sets), plus numerous educational wonders including an interactive train display, historic artifacts, and more.

Restoration Projects

If you would like to volunteer your time and/or donate to the projects, we would be very grateful. To allocate your donation to restoration projects, please mention “restoration projects” in the optional ‘Write a note’ section in the donation form.

Its Journey Here

The Visitor Center came to the museum from Heritage Square in Golden, Colorado. Heritage Square was originally created as Magic Mountain in 1957, just two years after Disneyland’s opening season. The park saw tens of thousands of visitors, even during the construction period. They witnessed live gunfights and playhouse melodramas and took a ride on the Magic Mountain Railroad. Unfortunately, the park closed at the end of its premier season in 1960, but it would eventually evolve into Heritage Square. The Visitor Center was a Wedding Chapel there for many years. 

Family Train Ride

Coming Soon! Our train, that can accommodate both children and adults, is currently being custom built. We hope to have it up and running this year! Tickets will be available for purchase inside the Visitor Center for $4 per person. 

Stay tuned for more info about the new family train ride!

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